Close range ratting with a springer

We are spring-loaded and after rats at a local aviary. James Marchington doesn’t have to be too stealthy on this occasion as the rats are just intent on eating the readily available bird seed. This film first appeared in  episode 3, This item first appeared in AirHeads episode 3. To watch the whole show […]

Spring powered air rifle safety – Watch those fingers!

Technical editor of Airgunner and Airgun World magazines, Phill Price, explains how to handle and load a spring powered air rifle. It may be something many of us take for granted but the film shows just how important it is to grip the barrel and not let go whilst always keeping it pointed at the […]

The most expensive rat shot in the world!

Bringing together top-end Infra red illuminators, an FX Verminator air rifle plus Hawke scope with a thermal imaging camera, our technology expert Darren Rogers uses £10,000s worth of expensive optics to hunt down a single rat. Surely, this is the most expensive rat shoot ever?! This item first appeared in AirHeads episode 2. To watch […]

Stalking roebuck with Sporting Rifle editor Peter Carr

Peter Carr has been editor of Sporting Rifle since April 2009. He took over from Fieldsports Channels Charlie Jacoby. Now Charlie is going to visit Peter on his home ground in the Yorkshire Wolds with an invitation to shoot a roebuck. This film first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 2. To watch the whole show […]

Grouse shooting in Perthshire on Atholl Estates

Grouse shooting in Perthshire on Atholl Estates

We’re out with a team of guns on the Glorious 12th August itself, thanks to the East Haugh House Hotel at Pitlochry – and they’re doing it in some style. Not only are the birds flying and coming down, the well dressed party are having a silver service picnic on the moor complete with piper. […]

Bisley Shooting Ground Review

Bisley Shooting Ground Review

At the heart of British shooting lies a lovely, leafy clay ground in old colonial style that provides shooting and instruction from novices to champions, clubs to corporates. We talk to clay ground manager Alex Roupell about what it’s like – and then we check if that’s true by asking the shooters. For more go […]


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