Airgun Pest Patrol – AirHeads, episode 14

Got a garden pest problem? AirHeads this week is the complete pest control solution.

Don’t forget it’s a playlist. Click to watch the whole thing (fairly) seamlessly.

We have James Marchington at work making his garden into a death zone for incoming vermin – Phill Price shows the best pellet for pest control – Steve Taylor shows how to load that pellet – Ted of Holdover pronounces on when you can get the kids shooting even Darren Rogers makes the vermin dance…literally. There is all the latest news with HotAir and all the latest airgunning videos from all over YouTube with AirStreaming.

Here are the links to the items:

What makes the biggest hole: .177, .20, .22, or .25?

HotAir: Man vs Sausage

Disco Rats

Ted on kids

Steve Taylor on how to load an airgun pellet

James Marchington’s pest control


AirStreaming: best of YouTube

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