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Squirrels and Eagles on this episode of our airgun show AirHeads. James Marchington is hunting down squirrels in a wood with the help of a nutty bait station. Our creature of the night Darren Rogers is testing the NiteSite Eagle on his FX Bobcat in his efforts to control rats. Then there is Airgun World and Airgunner magazines technical editor Phill Price on scope mounts, the HotAir airgun news service with the latest RSPCA attack on our sport, and Airstreaming which leads on dove hunting. Every two weeks, from 7pm on Thursdays, catch up with the latest in airgunning with AirHeads.

Here are the links to the items

▶ NightAir: NiteSite Eagle

▶ HotAir: RSPCA crow clampdown

▶ Phil Price on mounts

▶ Squirrel baiting

▶ Airstreaming

Here are the links to the films in Airstreaming:

The Airgun Hunter
Lincon Santos
MountainSport Airguns
Hampshire Airgun Hunters

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