AirHeads – Hi-Def Rabbit Hunt

It’s a week for crystal clear optics and HD through-the-scope shots. Roy wants to work out the drop off at different hunting ranges for his FAC FX. Plus he wants to see how having a reticle in the first plane on his March Scope will help him get up close and accurate to his quarry. All is explained thanks to the scope mounted Eagle Eye.

That’s not all. News leads on Bear Grylls’ range of airguns at Game, Jamie Chandler learns that accurate retrieving is as important as accurate shooting and Airstreaming the best of the rest of the week’s airgun films on YouTube. It’s all in our popular airgun TV show AirHeads, out Thursdays, every two weeks.

Here are the links to the items:

▶ Long-range

▶ HotAir

▶ Jamie’s pigeon

▶ Airstreaming

Here are the links for Airstreaming:
Squirrel Hunter
Airgun World
Airgun Depot
Florida Bullfrog

▶ Shares
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