AirHeads – Best Baits for Birds

It’s every airgun tip and trick we can think of this week. James Marchington is working out the best bait for corvids. He tries eggs, bread, dogfood and something every crow wants in the springtime. Airgunner and Airgun World technical editor Phill Price talks us through the best pellet shape – is it pointy, flat, elongated, even sabot? Peter Zamit of The Airgun Centre looks at airgun accessories, Tony Belas discusses rangefinding techniques, and David Wright on the HotAir hotseat discovers a giant rat in Sweden, Sir the Lord Ted of Holdover discusses good groups, and Charlie recreates the sinking of HMS Hood with a GAT gun in order to explain cant. See? All the tips and tricks. Sit back and watch this week’s AirHeads, the finest airgunning magazine show there is… (all right, decide that for yourself).

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