AirHeads – Bent Rifles & Baiting Rats

Lots for you to get your teeth into in this week’s AirHeads, especially if you are a rat: Andy Crow is seeing if he can bend it like Beckham – firstly with a bent barrel and then a straight one

Darren Rogers opens a rat bistro – he finds out what baits work best and worst
James Marchington is rabbiting in bunny paradise – the Isle of Skye
The latest revelations from the lord Ted Airgun World and Airgunner magazine expert Phill Price talks knives
David’s Hot Air includes a pigeon, a couple of new airguns and lots and lots of rabbits
Daystate’s Tony Belas pronounces on pellets
And Peter Zamit of the Airgun Centre reveals his top luxury airguns

AirHeads is meant to be out every other Thursday at 7pm UK time, with the odd ‘special’ when we can –

Here are the links for AirStreaming
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Russell Turnbull
Ted’s HoldOver

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