Big Welsh Pike in Trawsfynydd – Fishing Britain, episode 11

Fancy a 40lb pike? In this week’s show we travel to North Wales to fish Trawsfynydd Lake in the dramatic Snowdonia National Park where we are hunting out the nuclear mutant ninja monster pike that live there. Hywel Morgan teams up with predator specialist Ant Glascoe Jr.

Ever wondered what’s in that deep, dark pond? Charlie Jacoby finds out by draining one of them. He is in Somerset helping a coarse fishery, Higher Farm Lakes, with a problem pond that has sprung a leak. So they empty it with a digger… and there are some big carp in there.

We also have the Fishing Britain News, sponsored by Angling Active  Headlines this week: salmon hatchery closures – man fends off shark – 16-year-old designs ‘zig’ box – marlin sparks oil crisis – diver rescues dolphin

Here are the links:

Monster pike 


For more on fishing at Trawsfynydd, visit
Hywel is pike fishing with Daiwa Megaforce THS
He is using Eumer Spin tubes

Leaky Carp Lakes

To fish Higher Farm coarse lakes in Somerset visit

Here are the links for Hooked on Youtube.
Mark Erdwin:
Dan Jones:
Ultimate Fishing:

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