Carl and Alex on Fishing Britain, episode 12

We spend a sunny afternoon with internet angling sensation Carl and Alex, fishing for a mixed bag of species and conversation. We reel in large carp, large tench, perch, rudd and a mighty gudgeon all while chatting about what makes these new-school fishing gurus tick.

Then we head off to Woolastone Court Trout Lakes to open the next Veniards 120 challenge envelope to see what mysteries lie inside for Hywel. He is going to have to tie something out of this world for this challenge.We also have the Big D and Fishing Britain NEWS

Thousands of floating dead fish have bizarrely appeared on the top of a scenic lake in Indonesia
There’s strong feeling about the Scottish salmon industry
A Warwickshire-based fundraising group is holding a sponsored fishing event this weekend.
American commercial fishery practices need reform.
And, it has been a bad week for waters’-edge GoPro cameras.

And Hooked on Youtube, here are the links:
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