Catching Pike with Mahseer Tackle – Fishing Britain, episode 40

Martin Salter has a mahseer trip coming up – and he is keen to kit himself out. Not just that, he wants to catch fish with his new rod, reel and lures. There are no mhaseer in Berkshire, however, so he goes after the next best thig: pike. Helped by Allan Shephard at Sportfish and lure expert John Cheyne of the Angling Trust, it is a fruitful trip.

That’s not all. News leads on record catfish and mahseer, Hooked on YouTube showcases the best fishing films that YouTube has to offer, and we have an interview with angling artist Lawrie Williamson has an exhibition in London.

Here are the links to the items:


Fishing Britain News

Angling artist

Hooked on YouTube

Here are the links to Hooked on YouTube:
Back Of The Landing Net Carp Fishing
II โซเชียล คลิปII
Thundermist Lures
Josh James Kiwi Bushman
Fishing with Rod
Ray Montoya

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