Chris Packham’s Trojan Truce – Fieldsports News, 5 August 2020


Here are the links:

Packham tries to split shooters over grouse
Hedgehog numbers halve but not because of habitat loss – GWCT
Dog thefts continue after lockdown. For the Blyth spaniel thief, contact Brad 07709 896965 and Facebook
US gunmaker Remington up for grabs
French fishermen targeted in ‘arson attack’ – Puissance TV
Rhinos threatened due to coronavirus ‘cure’ – SCMP
Hunter highlights ‘scandal’ antis are ignoring – Facebook
Aussie gets prison time for kangaroo killings – Daily Mail
Cyprus MPs urged to reject bird hunting bill – Cyprus Mail and Facebook
Lead ammunition gets temporary reprieve in Europe – Sporting Shooter
Florida removes 5,000th Burmese python – MYFWC
Boar attacks livestock – Facebook
Donald Trump campaign ads stuck on wild bears – Daily Mail

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