Crunchy Frogs – Fishing Britain, episode 34

Gary Palmer the captain of the England Lure Squad takes the world class fly fishing master Hywel Morgan out on his boat, Wet ‘n’ Wild, to throw some frog lures out among the lily pads of Llangorse lake.

Gary has caught a 21lb pike out of the very same lily pads.They also test just how weedless a frog lure can be by casting it up a tree – and we witness an 8bit street fight on the bank!

In Ask An Expert we look at the differences between wire and fluorocarbon traces when predator fishing. In Casting Clinic we learn how to cast around objects and river currents for perfect presentation every time.

This week’s news reports on a British man on holiday in Thailand who has caught the world’s heaviest carp, a Texan has smashed another record with a 2lb fish, a shark is eaten by a goliath grouper, and much more.

And Hooked on YouTube rounds up all the latest Fishing on the net.

Here are the links to the individual items:

Wire vs Flourocarbon

Hywel’s casting clinic

Fishing Britain News


Here are the links for Hooked on YouTube:

Simon Taylor
Christian Messer
Shark Attack

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