DEFRA man wants to release wolves – Fieldsports News, 2 June 2021

Here are the links:
Goldsmith gushes over rewilded wolves – Twitter
Wild Justice pulls post on general licence ‘breach’ – website
Fundraising Regulator displays gums over Packham’s porkies – Country Squire
SGA hints at more protests over threat of new ‘green’ coalition – SGA
Farmer’s fury after cow and calf killed by dogs – Facebook
Scottish Tibetan monks step up war on gun range – Fieldsports News
Girl power takes over national pistol championships – Fieldsports News
GWCT hosting quarry competition – GWCT
Dutch wind turbine kills bearded vulture – Dutch News
Elusive poacher nabbed in Bangladesh – BBC
Trophy hunting trasher to churn out more tripe – Fieldsports News
Stolen springer spaniels reunited with tearful owners – Yorkshire Post

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