Destroying expensive Fishing Gear – Fishing Britain, episode 19

We smash a £5,000 fishing rod and try to burn out a reel. This week’s Fishing Britain has comedy, tragedy and, above all, fish.

Breaking a £5,000 Daiwa pole is in all ways embarrassing but, on camera, it’s the pits – as Mark Treasure of the Daiwa Gordon League finds out. The worst part of it is he hasn’t even fished with it. He and Dave Mickelwright fish on, regardless, in a short Tri-Species fish-off and Dave tells us about his double Jelly Baby wonder bait.

In Gear Guide, we put the Hardy’s Fortuna X3 Drag system to the test as we pit it against a running Morgan, a mounted Morgan and the untamed power of a mighty pink electro scooter. Will it hold up?

Big D is here with the NEWS and this week we see the opening of the classic fishing festival in Fermanagh and the Ukai cormorant fishing in Japan, a Crucian carp crisis, plans to ban drift nets and two unsusual sharks. Charlie brings in Hooked on YouTube with a man grabbing a hammerhead to save a tarpon.

Here are the links to the items:

Breaking a Daiwa Pole


Fortuna x3 Drag Test


Here are the links for Hooked on YouTube:

Fishing With Rod
Fishing TV
Roland Steinberger
Chew On This

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