Fieldsports Britain : Fox calling, falconry, fly-fishing and pheasant shooting advice (episode 4)

Pour yourself a glass, sit down for half an hour and click on to the new Fieldsports Britain programme that’s just out. We have crammed falconry, deerstalking, chalkstream flyfishing and everything you need for the pheasant opening day into 30 minutes. You can watch it – no cost – online any time you want. Just visit And you will see:
How to shoot high pheasants: expert Alan Rose of the West London Shooting School gives his tips and shows the commonest errors
Fox calling: with the pheasant opening day around the corner, gamekeepers are out after foxes and SportingRifle expert Mike Powell is no exception
Partridges with goshawks: Roy Lupton takes his birds into the field to see what they will get.
Creeping up on roebuck in Scotland: were out with top deerstalker Lachie Smith.
Its that daddy-longlegs time of year: if you like flyfishing you have to see this new pattern daddy in use on the River Anton, a Hampshire chalkstream
White pheasants: Canal Game Farm is producing them for estates all over the country
Nothing on telly tonight? Go on – watch our programme online. Its a lot more real than Heartbeat.