Fieldsports Britain : Hounds, first trout, and recycling cartridges – episode 7

Just when everything is going so well, a dog walker comes and spooks your deer, your pigeons, pheasants, even your salmon. Isn’t it always the case? Well, on this occasion the dog walker started shouting abuse at the stalker – and Fieldsports Channel has the camera on them when they did. That’s not all. We’re also enjoying:

• Country house glory: we’re at the opening meet of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray at Petworth Park in Sussex.
• Young shots: we’re out after pheasants with schoolkids.
• First fish: when viewer Melissa Bowden said she had never caught a trout before, we packed her off to a trout farm to show what fun it can be.
• And just where do all those shot shells go? We meet the man who has worked out how to recycle shotgun cartridges – millions of them – in a machine which doesn’t mind when they go bang.

Fieldsports Britain – not just better than anything on telly tonight – we’re like finding foie gras in a nut roast.

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