Fieldsports Britain – Michaela does Africa

There’s no tiring out Michaela. She’s back in Africa after wildebeest and the closest thing Africa has to a kangaroo, spring hares. That’s not all. With the Game Fair just a week away,
we are previewing Gunmakers’ Row, News Stump features #PokemonGo, and Hunting YouTube is long on deer. It’s your weekly fieldsports fix: it’s #FieldsportsBritain
Here are the links to the items:
Michaela – For more about Michaela’s hunts, visit – to go on safari where Michaela went, visit
Gunmakers Row – For more about the Game Fair, go to

Here are the #YouTube links to the Hunting YouTube films:
Matt Webb
Alexander Reese
Jonas Breda
Dirt Trax TV
Tok Poortvliet
Point of Impact TV
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