We’ve launched a new magazine…

Episode 156: Vinnie's Macnabski Episode 157: Hunting pellets test
Here are the first two issues – free for you to download and read over breakfast, in a highseat – wherever you find yourself and your iPad/tablet/computer. It’s online, of course. It is free. You can print it out and collect the issues if you like. Produced by our awards-winning editorial team, it has features, news, even Hunting YouTube. Share it with anyone. It’s the words version of our popular weekly online TV programme Fieldsports Britain.

It’s on Scribd which (we have found out) is the best place to park PDFs that are free to download. If you would like to add a feed to your RSS or Atom reader, the link is www.scribd.com/feeds/user_rss/88689710

Please tell your friends… the link is www.scribd.com/charlie_jacoby – or ask them to add their email addresses to our mailing list (on the sidebar) and we will send out a link every week.

Fieldsports Channel launches shiny new magazine