Fieldsports Britain – Rucksack & Rifle

This week’s show is full of eastern promise. Tim Pilbeam is off to Croatia after roebuck, the fabulous Czech model Michaelka is doing the same in her home country, and even the falling plate competition at Pirbright, near Bisley, has a middle eastern side to it. There is news and there is Hunting YouTube. It is all in this week’s Fieldsports Britain, out every Wednesday at 7pm, UK time.

Here are the links to the items:

▶ Rucksack & Rifle

▶ News Stump

▶ Falling Plate

▶ Michaelka

▶ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links to Hunting YouTube:
El Coto de Caza
The Hunters Club
ShootingPress International
Superior Shooting Systems Inc
Kendall Jones



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