Fieldsports Britain – Deer Harvest

Paul Childerley is out after roe and muntjac – and what a tough stalk it is. More females than a Southport nightclub – and not a buck to be seen. He shows just how hard you have to work to get a roebuck at this end of the season. Meanwhile, Cai ap Bryn has his own struggle getting a reindeer off a 5,000ft mountain in Norway. He gets help from two hunting professionals who show how to cut up Rudolf and put him into backpacks. In Hunting YouTube, there are foxes, quail, duck, deer and a mink hunting rats. And News leads on the antis’ new hobby of luring hounds on to busy roads and watching them get run over. It is all in this week’s Fieldsports Britain.

Here are the links to the items:

▶ Roe and muntjac

▶ News Stump

▶ Reindeer

▶ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links to Hunting YouTube:
Jonas Breda
Athina Sporting
Joseph Carter
Trophy Pursuit
Ulrik Orskov
Slade NW
Dude Perfect

Cai ap Bryn’s music:
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