Fieldsports Britain – Scottish Sika Hunt

It’s another packed programme: Tim Pilbeam is in Scotland looking for a sika stag, the folk of Exmoor are bolving at rutting red stags, News has the latest on the 2016 Game Fair, Hunting YouTube showcases a South African anti-poaching operation and David is on a Kyrgyz khazi in ‘Hallo Charlie!’. How did you get through your week so far without this lot?

Here are the links to the items:

▶ Rucksack & Rifle

▶ News Stump

▶ ‘Hallo Charlie!’

▶ Bolving

▶ Hunting YouTube

Here are the links to Hunting YouTube:
Sky News
Keith Warren
Pork Choppers Aviation
Jérôme R
JR Hunting

▶ Shares 
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