Fishing fit for a King! Fishing Britain, episode 31

This week we’ve got salmon fishing expert Hywel Morgan and his wife Debbie lapping up the luxury of one of the very best Icelandic salmon lodges. We show you sharks and a drinking/fishing competition in news, happy carpologist Terry Doe shows us why its important to have luxury when carp fishing, Casting clinic is all about the Jump Roll with a double handed salmon rod, and Hooked on YouTube is full of unusual angling. Pour yourself a glass, sit back and relax – and if you want a full explanation of why we are a single film again scroll down to the bottom of this description.

For the best fishing on YouTube Fishing Britain is back as a single big film AND as a playlist. Want to watch the individual items? Here are the links:

✩ Salmon fishing in Style – West Ranga luxury lodge of Iceland

✩ Fishing Britain News – Drinking/fishing comp and shark attacks robot

✩ Gear Guide – Super-CARPY-fragilistic-ESPRESSO-alidosious

✩ Casting Clinic – Jump roll like a Boss!

✩ Hooked on YouTube- Unusual Angling

Here are the links for Hooked onYouTube
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The explanation
Right – remember why we did the playlist version of the programme? We were getting complaints that we were uploading everything twice. And the uploading itself takes 100 hours a month, which is more work than we want to do in a year.
A viewer gave us the idea of finding a proxy uploader, which we have now done. Instead of sitting and watching the film upload to YouTube and reuploading whenever it stopped, we now drag and drop to a folder somewhere in the clouds, and that folder pushes the programme out to YouTube, Daily Motion, Liveleak, and apps on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Kindle. We will give you those addresses as soon as we know they are working. Ain’t that great?