Fishing Britain – Fishing with sticks

In mid Wales Hywel Morgan gets back to his roots, well… branches actually, as he sees if he can fish with the bare essentials. We give him a hook and line, and tell him to get on with it.

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The British fly champion Terry Bromwell takes on the challenge and in Fishing Britain’s Gear Guide we take a look at how to catch your catches on a GoPro.

Big D is here as ever with this weeks news and the headlines read:
✩ American actress says ‘Fish are friends not food!’
✩ A fishing group has secured £75,000 in grants to restore a ✩ fishing pond in Hull.
✩ A deep-sea fish normally caught off the coast of Ireland has tuned up in 50ft of water off the south coast of England.
✩ A dispute over fishing rights going back more than 100 years may hang on a few old photographs.
✩ What Fishing Britain News is complete without a good shark story?

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Here are the links:

Fishing with no gear

Fishing Britain News


And here are the links for Hooked on Youtube:
Hooked on Carp
Dan Jones – Carp, Coarse and Swansea.
Wild Side TV
Fishing with Rod

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