Freyr & Devik rifle moderators – review


Norwegian-made Freyr & Devik moderators are not widely used by Fieldsports Channel viewers, but those that do use them like them. The score highly with our viewers for accuracy, efficacy (how well they work) and ease of maintenance. We surveyed our viewers in March 2020 and 3,500 people got back to us about the kit they use, including moderators.

There are plenty of different moderators available for your rifle, so what makes one better than the rest? Robbie Shedden of Cluny Country Guns is an advocate of Freyr & Devik, which he sells.

“They’re lightweight and compact, they have a really nice design, they’re easy to clean – and they work,” he says.

The key thing about Freyr & Devik moderators is they are made of titanium, which is super strong and very lightweight. “Gone are the days of having one of those massive tin cans hanging on the end of your rifle,” says Robbie. “What little weight there is in a Freyr & Devik moderator is behind the muzzle, improving the balance. They’re also sleek and compact, making the rifle much more manageable.”

The design makes it quick and easy to dismantle and clean the moderator. Simply unscrew the housing and lift off the collar to reveal the one-piece titanium baffle stack, with no need to dismantle the baffles themselves. “They are super simple and almost enjoyable to clean I think,” Robbie says.

Over 350 viewers completed our 2020 survey of the top rifle moderators, and the reputation of the brand doesn’t disappoint . Owners of the Freyr & Devik moderator awarded it consistently top ratings for all categories, including efficacy (how well it works), ease of maintenance, value for money and customer service. The only 4 star rating came from Harvey in GB for value for money. In addition, 100% of users would’t hesitate to recommend the mod to a friend.

There’s a complete range of Freyr & Devik moderators to suit every rifle and calibre. They are named after their weight in grams: the featherweight at 149, a 196, a 269 and finally the 280 which is the only one suitable for magnum calibres.

The larger sizes give greater sound suppression but with very little penalty in terms of weight. “Freyr & Devik set out to achieve the maximum sound suppression per gram of weight, and I think they really have done that,” says Robbie.

RRPs range from £345 for the Featherweight 149 to £395 for the 269 model, and Cluny Country Guns have appointed a number of gunshops around the country to sell the Freyr & Devik range.

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