How to catch Mahseer – Fishing Britain, episode 41

The mighty mahseer, the salmon of the Raj, and one of the most desirable sport angling fish in the world, can be found across India from the big rivers of the south to the high Himalayas. Martin Salter – known to the world for his work with the Angling Trust – travels to the Subansiri River, one of the most pristine environments in Arunachal Pradesh (and itself under threat from a dam project). His party spends two weeks fishing for these fabulous, hard-fighting fish in magical surroundings. With advice from mahseer maven John Edwards, he shows how to catch this fish. And catch them he and his party do. They land golden mahseer up to 25lbs, a copper mahseer and a possible new world record chocolate mahseer.

Martin went to the Subansiri River with Outdoor Kettle.

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