How to use a Life Jacket – Fishing Britain, episode 15

It’s the life jacket killer. In this week’s Gear Guide we check out the wrong way to wear a life jacket and why.

We head up the River Taff with three British flyfishing champions in search of the big brown trout – and we get lucky and strike it rich with Welsh Gold.

Big D is here with the weekly news and the headlines are:

✩ Extreme TV angler Green is no longer allowed to go naked.
✩ Swindon Borough Council stops poaching by removing fish.
✩ The third Fish For Kidz event takes place.
✩ The Angling Trust loses its anti Lune hydropower campaign
✩ Browning gives away a pole
✩ Canada brings in fines for poaching based on the value of the fish or animal poached

Also Charlie has roundup the latest YouTube fishing for us with Hooked on YouTube. Here are the links:

✩ Mr Ben Brown:
✩ Addictive Fishing:
✩ Best Fishing Videos:
✩ FactsOfFishing:
✩ FrontsideFlyfishing:
✩ RecFishWest:
✩ CarefulCarping:
✩ FreeSpiritFishing:

Sponsors this week are:
✩ Daiwa
✩ Angling Active
✩ Glasgow Angling Centre

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