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Countdown to Kitfinder launch at the British shooting show 2022

What is Kitfinder?

It is our strategic intention to become the foremost lead generation platform for hunting and shooting equipment in the UK. We want people to connect with trusted retailers for a better customer experience and the best deals. While offering important real time analytical data for our clients to trace precisely which marketing strategies work best for them.

We will shortly be running a beta test phase by invite only.

The 2500 strong Fieldsports Nation members will have early access to the platform to put it through its paces and will be taking full advantage of real deals offered by real dealers.  
So please fill in your email address above for the opportunity to be apart of this exciting testing phase.

Why do we need Kitfinder?

To make online shopping for hunting and shooting kit really simple for the consumer.

To create an independent easy-to-understand “call to action.”

To “fix” the broken online customer journey.

To deliver the consumer direct to a retailer’s digital front door.

To allow manufacturers and distributors to make informed marketing decisions.

To “track and trace” products on all media platforms and better understand the UK consumer.

Sako rifle

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Zeiss  optics

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Meindl Boots

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Manufacturers & Distributors
What's in it for you?

A simpler customer journey from advert/review/article/blog/video to point of sale.

By-passes perceived “dealership favouritism.” 

Established a “call to action” for all brands and products.
Your ads don’t have to be left blank with no dealer destination.

Reduces switch selling.
Preloaded searches keep the customer on the right track. 

Better management and co-ordination of marketing strategies with dealer stock levels, encourage dealers to stock more.
Focus on the first and second waves.

Use consumer traffic date passing through KitFinder to analyse of the impact of marketing campaigns, regardless of media platform.

Monitor the performance of your dealers and reward the ones that shine.

Monitor product pricing.

Spot consumer trends.  Seasonal / Influencer impact / PR / Second wave selling.

It will enable you to send information back to HQ to assist with sales and marketing budgets and stock shipments. 

What's in it for you?

Leads – Lots of them, generated from video, social media, magazines, ads, articles, blogs, vlogs, and influencers.

Call to Action – KitFinder is the digital super highway to your shop.

Level the playing field.– If you have the kit, you’re in the mix.

Teamwork – Co-ordinate with a national or global marketing push – Have the right kit at the right time.

Online support – Each retailer will have their own profile page.

Up-sell – We provide the leads, you maximise the opportunity.

Future proof – Engage with a younger or a less kit-savy audience with different shopping habits.

Control – React to the leads that you want to.



Yes, as KitFinder users only need to supply an email address and postcode at sign-up we don’t store any sensitive information on the Kitfinder site.

Both, users will be asked a few simple questions to get tell the dealers what they are looking for. Plus, to make life really easy some manufacturers or distributors can make a unique KitFinder QR codes that buyers can scan with any device and Kitfinder will pre-load the search for them.

When signed in the customer can decide on how to sort them either by distance, price,  special offers or ratings from previous customers.

We supply the leads, the gunshops supply the kit. If there’s a licensing issue with a thermal unit for example, it is the retailer’s responsibility to ensure the law is abided by. 

No, they can respond to any deal as soon as it is sent through.

Yes. We will be establishing a rating system and we will reward those dealers who respond quickest, offer great customer service and deliver on time. 

Yes. No customer profile information is shared but general numbers of searches will be. 

No, we deliver leads, not the sale. However, we will be asking users if they’s be willing to supply that information with follow-up emails.

We think so, but feel free to let us know what your thoughts are. 

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