Long range hunting – High impact filming

Having filmed a lot of slo mo air rifle shooting we thought it was time for some slo mo gun powder shots. We join Roy Lupton on a trip to help a farmer get rid of some lamp-shy rabbits. The rabbits are causing enormous damage to the farm. He’s shooting at around 300 yards / 275 m using a 22.250. At those ranges the rabbits would be just dots on the screen – but not anymore. Some gaffer tape and a bit of lateral thinking means we’re now just inches away from target. The slo mo even shows up the air turbulence as the bullet nears the target. Of course nothing is wasted and the rabbits make a hearty meal for the ferrets.

This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 126. To watch the whole show go to Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain126

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