Brexit changes gun, dog and game meat rules – Fieldsports News, 16 December 2020


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Guns prices to hold, clothing up and dogs and deer in a muddle – Fieldsports News
PM’s girlfriend declared Peta’s person of the year – Daily Mail
Trophy hunting under threat – Fieldsports News and Facebook
H&M owners abandon roots to ban trailhunting in Wiltshire – Fieldsports News
Wharfedale gamekeepers to thank for hen harrier sightings – Fieldsports News
Scottish moor licensing plan threatens economy – Press & Journal
Packham probed over ‘phony’ animal rescue claim – Country Squire
Call to increase sentencing for slipping lurchers on hares – petition
Dozens of dogs rescued in Redditch police raid – West Mercia Police
US state bans trailcams – Hunting News
Elephant uses sneaky move to slip past electric fence – Facebook
Staff ‘stalked’ at Canada elderly home – First Coast News

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