Welsh government claws back covid cash from shoots – Fieldsports News, 23 June 2021

Here are the links:
Welsh government shows its anti-shooting bias – Daily Post
MPs back grouseshooting – Fcha.nl/grousedebate21
Anti Packham editor defends himself – YouTube
Shoot Russell Brand’s dog, say locals – Change.org
Shoot the squirrel but don’t hurt its feelings – The Sun
European parliament votes in favour of international hunting – SCI
Sad loss of Irish equestrian hope – Irish Times
Denmark shoots its last boar – Landbrugsavisen
Czechs can use guns for defence – All4Shooters
Duckhunter drone busts antis – GMA and Facebook
Shop owner faces 20 years in prison for polar bear skull sale – Focusing on Wildlife
Piglet takes the train – Facebook and Twitter

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