Spam-fisted MP attacks hunting – Fieldsports News, 27 April 2022

Here are the links:

  • Muddled MP attacks hunting in Scotland and Africa – Fieldsports News
  • Packham three raise £20k for libel defence – Country Squire
  • UK avian flu alert reduces  – Countryside Alliance
  • Scottish gamekeepers increase Cairngorms protest – SGA
  • Cornish fisherman call for seal culls – Guardian
  • Trophy hunters save Tajikistan snow leopards –
  • US wildlife commission rejects anti-hunting petition – Instagram
  • Police scheme reduces hare poaching in Kent –
  • Dog trapped in badger sett escapes after 12 days – Express & Star
  • Teams from all over Europe compete at charity gundog challenge – Instagram
  • Trek across the UK raising money for gamekeepers – Facebooik + JustGiving
  • Shoplifting seagull targets health store in UK – Facebook


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