Parakeets II…this time it’s personal – AirHeads, episode 25

Our airgun programme AirHeads has been romping through the newspapers this week after we suggested that the legal culling of parakeets was a good idea. Natural England and the RSPB have been using words like ‘deranged’ and ‘shameful’, which is nice to hear from a government body. In this week’s AirHeads, James Marchington gives his parakeet update, and has more tales from The Bird Table of Doom. Charlie Jacoby is testing a new laser he reckons might take the place of night vision. Terry Doe has more words of wisdom, and we have the regulars – HotAir with all your air rifle news, and Airstreaming, with the best about pellet guns on YouTube this week.

Here are the links to the items:

James Marchington


Lasers for Rats


Here are the Airstreaming links:
Squirrel Hunter
ThePCP Hunter
Sniperqty AirGun

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