Accessories survey results




Find out about Fieldsports Channel viewers’ knives, hearing protection, rifle shooting sticks, rifle moderators/suppressors, vehicles (both 4x4s and UTVs/ATVs), and dog accessories, including dogfood.

Our accessories survey has 606 responses from our viewers, including star ratings for the products they use, how they have improved them and how they would like you to improve them.

During the coronavirus lockdown of 2020, we surveyed our viewers about the kit they use. We received more than 3,500 responses.

We put out some of the headlines from the results in our show, Fieldsports Britain, throughout the summer of 2020.

Are you a hunting/shooting kit manufacturer who would like to see those results in detail? They are all for sale here.

They contain a wealth of information – not just trends in what buyers want, but real, useful details about how they use products.

For.a taste of what’s inside, these results produced the following headline articles/films for us:

Please note: these are raw results from our viewers (names and addresses stripped out). To get the best quality information from them, we strongly advise you to hire a data engineer for one or two days’ work to clean up the reults and present them the way you would like to see them.