What is a DPO?

A direct public offering (DPO) is a share offer like an ‘initial public offering’ (IPO). IPOs have to be done via stock exchanges. We figure why use a stock exchange when we have a website? And why try to explain Fieldsports Channel to a bunch of City investors when we have millions of viewers who already understand it?

Why are you doing a DPO?

It’s the best way to get a lot of people a lot more engaged in our mission to promote fieldsports. We reach millions of people via YouTube – including plenty who don’t hunt, shoot or fish but want to find out more about it. The wider media finds most of its anti-hunting stories online. We are in a good position to show the world the benefits of fieldsports.

Why now?

Unless someone does something quickly, we are going to see more Cecil The Lions and more Exmoor Emperors. We won’t stop all those stories, but we can react quickly to them, and we can put out positive media about fieldsports to try to ensure those stories don’t make the cut in the wider media. The shooting sports industry have been superb supporters of Fieldsports Channel – but they want films that market their products, so plenty of hunting sports are in danger of being left out.

Who’s the team?

Charlie Jacoby has a background as a shooting magazine editor and David Wright was an ITV news producer before they set up Fieldsports Channel and launched the first Fieldsports Britain on the Glorious Twelfth, August 2009. Comercial director James Westbrook’s back ground is in shooting magazine advertising sales. We are a small team, whose main costs are mileage, flights and B&Bs.

Is it so Charlie can head off into the sunset?

No. It’s a way to help Charlie, David and James work harder. It will give us the resources we need to put out great hunting stories, and it will help underpin the work we do for brands, which is how we make money. If we wanted to pack it in, we would sell out to another media company.

Why doesn’t Fieldsports Channel pay for these projects?

The mainstream media channels often support celebrity viewpoints that are anti-fieldsports, and are able mobilise large media teams. We have countered their views in our programming, but we have to fund the costs of our cheap flights and B&Bs somehow. To date, this has been out of our own pockets. Other celebrities support fieldsports, from the taking part, to the enjoyment of the produce on the table..

Is it a type of crowd funding?

Yes. But we don’t have to pay fees to the crowdfunding websites.

What powers do I have as a shareholder?

You get voting rights: one share = one vote. If you buy a lot of shares, you get a place on the board, but you will need to have a chat to us about that. Owning shares in Fieldsports Channel means you can come to Fieldsports Channel shareholder events, meet the team, or just ring us or email us – and tell us what films we should be making.

Is it a real investment, are they real shares?

Yes it is and yes they are. Fieldsports Television Ltd founders Charlie Jacoby and David Wright will own 140,000 of a total of  300,000 shares. 160,000 will be made available for viewers to buy. We will run the company on a sustainable financial model as we have been doing for last eight years. Our primary focus remains to make high-quality, interesting and informative TV on all matters fieldsports. Please think of your return as a viewer and participant, rather than financial. If we pay a dividend, you get a dividend. We will produce audited accounts.

What if I want to sell my shares?

We will sell your shares for you. You can even say what price you want us to sell them for an we will list them on www.fieldsportschannel.tv/shares. We make sure it’s you by asking for at least two methods of identification. We are allowed to do this as long as we make no money from trading your shares. So, when they sell, the money you get is the money you want (less the PayPal charge).

To find out more in person, to buy more shares, to find out how to sell your existing shares personally or via this website, email your questions to charlie@fieldsportschannel.tv

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This share offer document is a financial promotion approved by an FCA-approved organisation (PERG 8.2).

Please note, this offer is not open to investors from the USA. If you would like to donate to our #ForceOfNatureProject fund and help us win against the antis, visit FieldsportsChannel.tv/forceofnature