Shore Things – Fishing Britain, episode 25

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Coastal casting and creating a stink this week here on episode 25 of Fishing Britain. Saul Page is showing us how to get the lynx effect on your bait and make the fish come flocking. He also takes us through his technique for long distance pendulum casting and the bit of gear he invented to stop your lead becoming weaponized during your cast.

Fishing Britain News has got a shark (of course) and a large reward for tackle theft crimestoppers. Hooked on YouTube leads on films about catching carp on the surface, plus a spot of urban tenkara. And there’s even time to fit in a rod review.

Here are the links to the individual items:

Stinky Fishing

Fishing Britain News

Long Distance Pendulum Casting – Gear Guide

Hooked on YouTube

Daiwa Lexa Rod Review

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