The A-Team of Fishing – Fishing Britain, episode 36

Only two hours to build a rod and catch fish… Hmmm… If you have this problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them… maybe you can hire The A-Team.

Hywel ‘BA’ Morgan has just 120 minutes to catch a fish but there are no rings on his rod. Can he get them to stick with only a blow torch, welder and some Bug Bond UV curing resin? Can he catch a fish before his time runs out and the poisonous gas is released? OK we made up the gas thing but the rest is true… apart from the welder and the blowtorch.

That’s not all. Fishing Britain News leads on the headline ‘I caught a giant shrimp’ along with all the other top fishing stories from around the globe.

The legend that is Moc Morgan lyrically paints us a beautiful picture of what he believes to be the essence of why we all go fishing. Moc’s son Hywel Morgan is a fly casting master and he shows us how to maximise your fishing time with the ‘catch cast’ in his casting clinic. And Charlie Jacoby rounds us up with the best of what’s out there in the wider world of fishing on YouTube.

Here are the links to the items:
✩ Build a rod + Catch a fish

✩ Fishing Britain News

✩ Moc Morgan: a Life in Fishing

✩ Casting Clinic: The Catch Cast

✩ Hooked on YouTube

Here are the links to those Hooked on YouTube films:
Lenael Duval
Brian Gay
Yuri Grisendi
Marty Muke
Mateusz Żurawski

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