CPSA launches new Super Sporting discipline

(Photo: CPSA)

There’s a new registered version of Sporting clays which promises to add an extra challenge over the familiar English Sporting.

The CPSA, the sport’s governing body in England, has officially launched Super Sporting, or SSP for short, with effect from 1st December 2021.

That means grounds will be able to offer registered SSP competitions, and shooters will receive official classifications in the regular published lists of CPSA Averages.

One of the first to offer SSP is expected to be Don Brunt’s Double Barrelled Enford Valley shooting ground, with others likely to follow soon after.

What’s different about SSP?

Super Sporting is shot around a course like an English Sporting course, with one important difference. At each stand there can be up to four traps, labelled A, B, C and D. The menu board for that stand will specify the order of targets, which might include simultaneous or on-report pairs, or single targets with full use of the gun. Each stand must consist of between 6 and 10 targets.

As it’s a new discipline, everyone starts off in ‘Unclassified’ and will be classified on the day. Classifications will be calculated after 300 targets, and, to begin with, will be worked out on the same percentages as ESP.

Click here to read the new official CPSA Technical Rules document.

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