CPSA looks to drop the pigeon

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association wants to drop the word “pigeon” in its name, in a bid to “modernise our sport’s brand image in order to help attract new shooters, members, and sponsors from outside the sport.”

The organisation, which is the sport’s governing body in England, is asking its 25,000 members to comment on the proposal to rename itself the Clay Target Shooting Association, or CTSA for short.

“We believe this will help us attract new members, grow our sponsorship from outside the shooting business and help our image when it comes to defending our sport against anti shooting lobbying and legislation,” it says.

Reaction on social media has been mixed, with some shooters in favour of the change, while others see it as pointless, and potentially expensive, pandering to political correctness.

If you are a CPSA member you can have your say on the CPSA website.

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