English Open Sporting day 4 – new names on the leaderboard

Big scores were posted at the English Open Sporting Championship today, Saturday 22 May, putting several new names on the leaderboard.

The weather was much better than the previous two days, no doubt contributing to impressive performances from top shots like Jamie Gutteridge, Chris Orrin, Tim Webster, Sam Upton and Jason Turner.

Top score of the day was a superb 110 ex 120 shot by Jamie Pearce, putting him straight into the no.2 spot equal with Julian Freeman, behind Richard Faulds who still leads with the 112 shot at the beginning of day 1.

Martin Myers, shooting right at the end of the day, also posted 110, while Chris Daniels scored 109.

Chris Childerhouse battled round the course on crutches, having broken his leg 7 weeks ago. He commented that “you don’t realise how much movement comes from your feet and legs until something like this happens” – but still posted a terrific 107 to finish in equal sixth place with Sam Upton.

Amy Easeman (pictured above watching as father Phil shoots) took the lead in ladies with 97.

The current leaders are:

  • Richard Faulds 112
  • Julian Freeman 110
  • Jamie Pearce 110
  • Martin Myers 110
  • Chris Daniels 109
  • Sam Upton 107
  • Chris Childerhouse 107

The top six shooters will go into a super final tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 23 May – but with around 180 competitors still to shoot the course, the final six could look very different by then.

If you are travelling to the ground remember that a road closure means it’s best to leave the M4 at junction 15. The ground advise you to ignore any road closure signs in Chiseldon and continue to the ground as normal.

Scores are being posted live on the CPSA website as they come in, using the association’s new Shoot program. To see the latest scores go to cpsa.co.uk/championshipscores


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