Gun-Lok is a pair of 12-bore sized security locks that fit into the chambers of your gun like snap-caps. A unique key allows you to lock them in place, making it impossible for a thief to use the gun.

They don’t replace a security cabinet, but they’re a valuable extra safety measure whether at home or out and about. Guns are particularly vulnerable when you’re travelling or at a shoot, and Gun-Lok gives added security and peace of mind.

The locks are designed to resist brute force attacks, which will only tighten the lock in the breech. They also resist drilling and picking.

There are more than a million possible key combinations, so another lock’s key won’t open yours. If you lose your key, the company can provide a replacement when you send your key number and a copy of your shotgun certificate.

Gun-Lok costs around £80 for a pair, and may entitle you to a discount on gun insurance. Find them online or at your local gunshop.

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