Browning Maxus II semi-auto shotgun – review

The Browning Maxus semi-auto has become a firmly established favourite, particularly with pigeon shooters, wildfowlers and gamekeepers. It handles well, shoots smoothly, and cycles reliably with just about any cartridge.

Now in 2021 Browning have launched a new improved model, the Maxus II, claimed to be the softest shooting semi-auto shotgun ever thanks to its gas system, Inflex technology and back-bored Vector Pro chokes. Those combine to reduce the total recoil force to the shooter by 18% compared to any other semi-auto shotgun on the market, they say.

The bolt handle and release have been enlarged on the Maxus II

David Stapley from Browning’s UK distributors says that the first difference shooters will notice on the new Maxus II is the rubber inserts in the fore-end and grip. “They make the gun very tactile and grippy particularly in wet, cold conditions,” he says. “There’s a new rubberised cheekpiece as well, which improves the comfort of shooting the gun.”

The bolt handle and bolt release button have been enlarged, making them easier to operate in difficult conditions, even with gloves. Plus the fore-end is now attached with the familiar screw-on nut rather than the latch found on the first Maxus model. That allows Browning to offer a larger capacity magazine for FAC users.

Rubber inserts make the stock more comfortable and sure-handling

Browning have retained the most popular features of the original Maxus, including the speed load system that allows you to load shells into the magazine port, and have it chamber the first round immediately. The gun is multichoked and comes with a selection of shims allowing you to fit the gun for cast and comb height.

The Maxus II comes in a composite black finish or a choice of camo – Max 5 or Mobuc. Prices are £1,350 for the black and £1,450 for the camo versions.

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