England Sporting team revealed for World Championships

The CPSA has revealed the shooters who will compete for England at the World English Sporting Championships at EJ Churchill on 6-11 July.

Team captain is Martin Doughty, and the team includes three new caps: Will Fenner, Karl Hagan, and Fred Whitehurst.


  • John Smith
  • Karl Hagan
  • Martin Myers
  • Billy Baughan
  • Richard Bunning (pictured above)



  • Will Fenner
  • Fred Whitehurst
  • Joshua Bennion



  • Amy Easeman
  • Georgia Moule
  • Emma Stacey



  • Adrian Balham
  • Martin Doughty (Captain)
  • Phil Rowbottom


Super Veterans

  • Robert Gray
  • Ian Hallwood
  • Steve Brightwell

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