Fieldsports Britain – black is back Black – in the shape of crows – is casting its shadow over a Devon dairy farm. Pest controller Tom Davies is ready to take them on in a pre-dawn decoying raid. Meanwhile some gamekeepers and shoot operators are worried about the effect covid is having on bookings for next season’s gameshooting. David Whitby, […]

There are too many elephants by Ben O’Rourke “What people don’t understand about the elephant situation is this,” says Ron Thomson, sharing an experience from his decades of wildlife management in Africa. “Let me give you some idea. Imagine elephants doubling their numbers every 10 years, which has been going on for more than 60 years in Botswana. “Over […]

Gameshooting in 2021/22: what will it be like? Following a tough shooting season in 2020/21, gamekeepers, shoot owners, operators and sporting agents are taking bookings for 2021/22. Some of them are being tougher about money upfront. Some report nervousness from shooters about losing deposits. Find Gwysaney Estate on Facebook  More films about pheasant and partridge shooting:    

Devon dairy farm crow shoot Got a problem with crows? You need to set up your hide and decoys while it is still dark, and start shooting as they drop in to investigate. Tom Davies gets a full three hours of crow shooting on a Devon dairy farm ending at 8am before they work out what is going on. […]

MP to debate grouseshooting – Fieldsports News, 9 June 2021 Here are the links:MPs to debate grouseshooting – Countryside AllianceWild Justice announces money-wasting legal move – Countryside AlliancePetition aims to send Packham packing – Change.orgFalconer forces Scotland to re-examine hare laws – Scottish governmentGovernment to bump up laws on livestock worrying – English governmentReports of gunshots lead cops to clay pigeon shoot – East […]

England Sporting team revealed for World Championships

The CPSA has revealed the shooters who will compete for England at the World English Sporting Championships at EJ Churchill on 6-11 July. Team captain is Martin Doughty, and the team includes three new caps: Will Fenner, Karl Hagan, and Fred Whitehurst. Seniors John Smith Karl Hagan Martin Myers Billy Baughan Richard Bunning (pictured above) […]


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