Gun burglary sparks Guntrader hack link fear – Fieldsports News, 8 September 2021

Here are the links:
Burglars steal guns: is there a Guntrader leak link? – Fieldsports News
National Trust members to vote on trail-hunting ban – The Guardian + The Times New deer management qualification – County Deer Stalking
Moorland group celebrates end of shooting on estate… 70 years ago – Wild Moors + Intagram + Woodland Trust
Raptors flourish on north-east grousemoors – Northern Echo
Government to criminalise pet theft – BBC
Isle of Wight spreads more sea eagles – BBC
Kenyan official sacked for game hunting – African Sustainable Conservation
South American airline bans trophies from its flights –
Rome is new battlefield in ‘boar war’ – Daily Telegraph
Influencer under fire after gator chomps drone – TikTok
Clay shooting comes to London bar –

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