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Shooters beat Packham in Wales

Wild Justice has lost its court case to limit pest control in Wales. In a High Court judgement, Judge Jarman QC rejected all three of

2020 Fieldsports News review

  It was meant to be the year of the gamekeeper. Instead, 2020 was they year of the armchair environmentalist, as people confined to their

Country people plan anti SNP demos

Members of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association are planning local protests in the run-up to the 2021 Scottish elections. Reacting to the SNP government’s attack on

Europe bans lead shot over wetlands

The European government on 26 November pushed through a ban on lead shot over wetlands, leaving pro-shooting groups in Brussels and Strasbourg aghast. Shooters in

Buzzard shot in Kent

  A group of walkers have filmed what could be a buzzard being shot in Kent. On 10 October 2020, members of the public out

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