Becky McKenzie’s essential kit checklist for clay shooting

Becky McKenzie is one of Britain’s top lady Sporting shots, and a clay shooting coach – so who better to run through the essential kit you should carry in your bag when you go to a competition?

Skeet vest – “Mine’s by Clayclo, it’s a fairly new clothing company but my favourite at the minute. The vest has a nice smooth shoulder patch so the gun doesn’t stick. I keep my earplugs in the little top pocket, and there are nice deep pockets for cartridges.”

Shooting glasses – “I’m using Pilla glasses now. For many years I used shooting glasses with prescription lenses, but last winter I decided to change my contact lenses and try these Pillas. I really like them, and it saves me taking the contacts out to put my shooting glasses on.”

Ear plugs – “I use Cens ear plugs; these are the ProFlex DX5, in a lovely pink colour!”

Waterproofs – “I always carry a set of lightweight waterproofs in my bag, trousers and a jacket. These are actually sold for golfing – I’ve found that by buying fairly expensive golfing gear I get all the movement I need for shooting.”

After changing her contact lenses, Becky now uses these Pilla shooting glasses

Gloves – “These are MacWet gloves, which I have in black and blue. I carry two or three pairs. When they get wet you can just wring them out, but if my hands are cold I’ll put a dry pair on.”

Hat – A peaked cap is essential for shooting. “I’m a little fussy about headgear. I chose this one because I like how it fits, and Clayclo put their logo on it for me.”

Cartridges – “I keep my cartridges in the middle compartment of my bag. Today I’ve been trying out a gun using RC2s, but for competition I shoot RC4s.”

Drink – It’s important to keep hydrated during a shoot, and Becky always carries a bottle of water or Lucozade in the bag.

Snack – “I sometimes also carry a protein bar or some Jaffa Cakes just to keep my energy levels up,” says Becky.

Becky uses a Canvas Range Bag from Fine Shooting Accessories

Allen keys – Becky likes to carry a small set of Allen keys, just in case an adjustable stock comes loose. “I have a variety because I can never remember which one fits my stock, and it means I can help out if a friend I’m shooting with needs one.”

Extras – “That’s about it for my shooting bag,” says Becky. “I also have a small pot of grease in case the hinge pins get a bit dry, and I have a spray for my glasses in case they get steamed up, but I haven’t needed it with the Pillas. Also for coaching I have an eye dominance card. There’s a bigger bag in the car with my warm clothes for winter shooting too.”

The bag – Becky’s bag is a Canvas Range Bag from Fine Shooting Accessories. RRP is £165.


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