Breda Zenith Sporter competition shotgun

For years serious clay shooters have chosen between the two Bs, Beretta and Browning. Now there’s a third B to consider: Breda – and their Zenith Sporter is certainly attracting attention.

The Zenith Sporter is a brand new design from this Italian manufacturer which has been making guns for hunting since 1947. The company has worked with experienced shooters and champion clay shots to develop a gun with great handling characteristics.

The silver action Zenith Sporter has this distinctive engraving

It has all the features you’d expect from a competition shotgun, including steel proofed, chrome-lined barrels in 30 and 32 ins, a 10 to 7mm tapered sporting rib, five Maxi 90 extended chokes, an adjustable single selective trigger, low profile action, and a 14.75 in grade 3 stock.

For Andy Norris of Breda distributors Viking Arms, however, what really stands out on the Zenith Sporter is the engraving. “Most guns have got a bit of scroll engraving, maybe ducks or pheasants. This one is different to anything else – it’s almost art deco.”

The gun also comes in a black actioned model, with the Breda logo in gold on the sides

He’s also impressed with the stock: “The action is complemented with a great piece of timber, there’s a palm swell, and a non-slip recoil pad that doesn’t catch your jacket as you mount the gun, it just slides straight up.”

The Zenith Sporter comes in a choice of black or silver action; the black model has the Breda logo  in a gold lozenge on the sides. As well as a choice of 30 or 32 in barrels, there is also a left-handed model available. The retail price is £2,370.

Find out more at the Viking Arms website.

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