Roebuck stalking prize Nigel Appleton won a stalking outing with Tom Davies in a competition on Fieldsports Extra. Tom runs Dartmoor Deer Services and takes Nigel to look for a buck on the edge of a moor. Find out how they get on. Find Tom on Facebook and InstagramTo watch Fieldsports Extra, sign up for the Fieldsports […]

Fieldsports Britain – a buck in your sights We get close to the action as deerstalker Nigel Appleton goes out with Tom Davies from Dartmoor Deer Services after a roebuck. Nigel won the stalking outing in a competition in our Tuesday night show, Fieldsports Extra. Meanwhile, the South Somerset Ferreters need to feed their ferrets – and their ferreting season is over. […]

Big night rabbit-shooting Jaf Jefferson and the South Somerset Ferreters go out after rabbits with lamps, night vision and rifle from the back of a truck. Plus Jaf explains the difference between rabbit-shooting ground and rabbit-ferreting ground. Here’s how they get on. Find the South Somerset Ferreters on Facebook and YouTube Watch Jaf’s film about the night […]

Wind farm cuts off eagle’s wing – Fieldsports News, 5 May 2021

Here are the links: Sea eagle dies after collision with wind turbine – Facebook National Trust’s ban on muirburn ‘worsened Marsden Moor blaze’ – The Times Cops called in after bird nest chainsaw massacre – Facebook Gun licences to record all gun part serial numbers – UK government media release Kent hunt sab fined – […]

Mossberg 500 pump-action .410 The Mossberg Model 500 pump-action .410 needs little introduction, at least to British gamekeepers and pest controllers. For them it’s an invaluable working tool, especially when fitted with the Hushpower moderator, which cuts the sound of the little .410 cartridge down to a mere pop. “This gun is just superb,” says Andy Norris from […]

Breda Zenith Sporter competition shotgun For years serious clay shooters have chosen between the two Bs, Beretta and Browning. Now there’s a third B to consider: Breda – and their Zenith Sporter is certainly attracting attention. The Zenith Sporter is a brand new design from this Italian manufacturer which has been making guns for hunting since 1947. The company […]


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