What clay guns do Fieldsports Channel viewers use? There is one clear winner, one runner-up, and viewers vote up several of the smaller shotgun makes for fit, looks, customer service and value for money.

First up: 87% of you who shoot clays shoot the sporting disciplines, 22% of you are trap shooters and I have no doubt heading for Olympic glory, and 19% of you are doing the same shooting skeet.

So what guns do you use? There is a winner – and it is that incredible workhorse, the Browning 525.

Top clay gun: Browning 525


Second most popular clay gun among Fieldsports Channel viewers is the Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon. Third place goes to the Browning 725. Four place goes to the Miroku MK38. Fifth place: the Blaser F16.

The gunmaker that sells the most guns is Beretta, with Browning in second place. They each have around a quarter of the market. If you add up Browning’s other brands, Miroku and Winchester, it beats Beretta.

Biggest manufacturer among Fieldsports Channel viewers


We also asked our viewers to give their guns star ratings.

  • For reliability, you give your best rating to Blaser.
  • For value for money, you choose Beretta.
  • And the award for customer service goes to Miroku.
Blaser for reliability, Beretta for value for money, and Miroku for customer service


When it comes to guns, for fit and for looks, you choose the Blaser F3, with Crow’s gun, the Blaser F16 in second place.


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The research comes from 400 responses to a survey we sent to our viewers in March 2020. We reviewed kit across the world of shooting sports and received a total of 3,500 responses. For more information about the research, please contact James Westbrook.

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