How to shoot high crossers, with Sam Green

It’s the bird that gets you into a big swing. Top shot Sam Green explains how to shoot high crossers, whether they are pheasants or clays. Of course it’s not just how to hit a high crosser – it’s how not to miss one, either. Then it’s all about hold point. The mistake most people […]

Swarovski bets on field of view with NL Pure hunting binoculars

  Swarovski’s new binoculars have an amazing field-of view, great quality glass at an eye-watering £2,370. Tim Pilbeam tries them out as he searches for this year’s best hunting (and fishing) binoculars.   Forget light transmission, forget ease-of-use – they are last year’s optic USPs. Swarovski’s three new binocular launches push a new boundary: it’s […]

Most popular clay guns

  What clay guns do Fieldsports Channel viewers use? There is one clear winner, one runner-up, and viewers vote up several of the smaller shotgun makes for fit, looks, customer service and value for money. First up: 87% of you who shoot clays shoot the sporting disciplines, 22% of you are trap shooters and I […]

Shooting clays from telehandlers

  We join a team of guns including Andy Crow, Paul Childerley and Olympic gold medalist Peter Wilson to try out a new simulated shoot in Oxfordshire. Charlie Jacoby is Andy’s loader, and Andy is Charlie’s loader – which, of course, ends in argument. For more from Truly Simulated, visit Additional camera work:

Fieldsports Britain – Crow’s simulated shocker

  Andy Crow faces some of the highest clays he has ever seen. He is on a sim game day in Oxfordshire with a range of personalities including England former rugby player Tom Croft, Olympic shooting gold medallist Peter Wilson and our own Paul Childerley. We also have a shooting star explaining how you can […]

RSPB ‘self-isolates’ from shooting community with demanding gamebird review

  Ben O’Rourke The RSPB is threatening to call for a ban on gamebird shooting if moorland managers don’t do what it wants. That’s the takeaway from the charity’s ‘virtual’ annual general meeting on Saturday 10 October 2020, at which it released a year-long review on gamebird shooting and the moorland management that comes with […]


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