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Ridgeline Monsoon jacket – review Many stalkers and wildfowlers choose a Ridgeline smock for the excellent protection it gives, but what if you prefer a jacket that you can

Airgun pellet gel test How good are these pellets at killing?– H&N Baracuda Green– Webley Velocipell– Webley Mosquito Express– Webley VMX PellAirgun expert Johnny Muston from R&K Stockcraft

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Best hunting rifles for 2021

What do you shoot? Among Fieldsports Channel viewers, deerstalking is the big one with 38% of you out after deer, followed by 31% of you

Most popular clay guns

  What clay guns do Fieldsports Channel viewers use? There is one clear winner, one runner-up, and viewers vote up several of the smaller shotgun

Best airgun scopes 2020

Back in March 2020, 3,500 of you filled out our survey on what kit you use. Nearly 300 of you told us about your airgun

Best hunting knives 2020

 Everyone has an opinion about their knife – not always good. Fieldsports Channel viewers are often critical of their own blades. Perhaps the perfect

Best rifle moderators for 2021

Moderators, suppressors, silencers – they are becoming more and more popular worldwide as countries relax their restrictions on them. So which ones are the Fieldsports

Best shooting jackets 2020

In March 2020, more than 500 of you filled out our shooting and hunting clothing survey, telling us which jackets and trousers you wear and

Best semi-autos 2020

 Which semi-autos do the Fieldsports Channel audience prefer? We sent out surveys in March 2020 and more than 3,500 of you filled out the

Best 4×4 vehicles 2020

We tackle vehicles in this survey: the big vehicles you go shooting in, and the little UTVs and quad bikes you use to get around

Best PCP airguns for 2021

It’s the results of our massive airgun questionnaire and thanks to all who took part in to. Our Fieldtester surveys prompted 3,500 reponses, which has

Best hunting binoculars

  It’s our Fieldtester binoculars survey. We sent out the survey during coronavirus lockdown and got more than 3,500 responses. Of these, we had over

Best shotgun 2020

Got your shotgun licence? Want to buy a shotgun? Baffled by the choice? Here is what the viewers of Fieldsports Channel shoot. We put our

Best hunting boots for men

There are so many walking boots, so many makes and models. So which do you choose? Well, there is one clear winner among Fieldsports Channel’s

Top rifle ammunition 2020

Best rifle ammunition of 2020

Fieldsports Channel’s viewers are loyal to their ammunition brands and we have the proof Once they find a rifle cartridge they like, they stick to

Copper bullets and meat damage

Copper bullets and meat damage

Meat damage is one of Andrew Venables’ primary reasons to move away from lead bullets. For him, the argument revolves around weight retention. “You’ve seen

On Test: Sako S20

Paul Childerley has been using the Sako S20 for a month and has shot more than 80 deer with it. It’s time for him to


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